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Thurning Village Hall





Tickets can be posted to you, collected from the Box Office or, the option to collect tickets on the gate is available.

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Come and join the fun at Thurning Feast! This is a spectacular festival, which takes place on …whichever day the 25th of July falls on! This vibrant village feast brings the local community together in aid of raising funds for the upkeep of Thurning Village Hall and the Church of St James. Thurning receives help from residents of surrounding villages and in turn raises funds to support their villages and chosen charities. Alongside great live music, a funfair and children’s entertainment, Thurning Feast also offers a variety of multi-national foods and a fabulous selection of locally made cakes and teas for a quintessentially English experience.

Sponsored by Digfield Ales, Top Notch Joinery and Gent Glass


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